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Roofing 101

commercial roofing servicesMost sloped roofs should at least these five sections as part of their basic structure.

First you need to have a cover over your roof, whether it is metal, shingle, or some other material along with an undercoating material, this protects the shell of your homes roof from weather and the elements–this is called your roof covering.

The materials such wooden sheets as that are fastened to the frame of your home (the rafters and trusses) is this shell that the roof covering is attached to, this is also known as sheathing.

The rafters and trusses are a part of the frame of the house to support the sheathing.

Roofs also need what we call flashing, this is the sheet metal and other similar materials used in joints, seams, and other areas to prevent water from getting beneath the covering and seeping into your home.

Lastly, all roofs need some form of drainage.  Whether sloped or flat, all roofs need to have a way to move the water from them.

Here are some more roofing terms all homeowners should know:
Eave – the horizontal overhanging lower edge of a roof
Fascia – Usually a board or flat surface located at the outer edge of a cornice
Rafters – The support beams and frame of the roof where the sheathing is attached
Trusses – components that may take the place or add to the rafters in many newer modeled homes. These are made for specific purposes in a home and may not be cut or altered.
Valley – This is the intersection of two sloping surfaces on a roof, the angle that is formed is called a valley.

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